24 oct. 2009


Mascara Disorder’s crew is totally addicted to this new queer rap thing from L.A, the West Coast response to our beloved Cazwell and even more electronico-sexy. The official music video is wiiiicked and it’s here !
And if you wonder what a “banjee boy” is, check here :-) (in French I would say “une zyvette”)

Ab Soto : “Banjee Power
Ab Soto : “Banjee Power (Ohliuliu mix)

15 oct. 2009

OK this is not dance music or a R’nB hit but it’s one of the most beautiful folk song i heard in years. It’s from Taken By Trees new album (”East Of Eden“) recoded with Pakistani musicians.
If you want to know more, my boyfriend wrote an article about this album (in french), it’s here

Taken By Trees : “To Lose Someone